Ritual box and components

Ritual is a fun and unpredictable card game of cutthroat tactics for 3-5 players. In Ritual, you always have the chance to come back and steal the win. Easy to learn and quick to play; you will be plunged into the darkest of decisions: Who to attack first? When to make your move? Or to lie in wait and bide your time? How to cruelly crush your rival necromancers? Mwah ha ha. Ahem.

3-5 players

20-40 minutes

Ages 13+

A game like no other

No Elimination

Ritual is a game where you're never out. No matter how bad things get, even when your last village is attacked and destroyed, there's always a spark of dark magic left in your twitching body. Because as a necromancer, you don’t die, you become undead — and dangerously destructive.

With the right moves, you can rise up and steal the win. But you must be deliberate and decisive. Wielding this power will quickly drain your resources. Resurrect and unleash havoc on your rivals.

Be a Villain

In many other games, you play the humble hero or heroine: battling bosses, baddies, white walkers, whatever. You might be fighting for the king, the Shire, or all of humanity. You probably have a shiny little sword.

In Ritual you’re a necromancer, your weapon is death, you can’t be killed — and there’s no right or wrong. The world has already gone dark. Evil will rule, you might as well make sure it’s you. So give it a go. Make alliances then smash them to pieces. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have in an utter moral wasteland.

Leave your soul at the door

Illustration of the Ritual card


You have vowed to be the last necromancer standing. You must use your cards to crush your opponents. Build villages, subjugate the serfs, summon monstrosities and afflictions and attack your rivals’ villages. Fuel your dark magic with human remains from a communal graveyard. Running low on remains? Simply sacrifice more serfs to the graveyard.

When you’ve obliterated every single one of your opponents’ villages, you can claim victory and finally rule the land. But be sure to devastate your enemies utterly. If you don’t they may rise up and snatch victory from your grasp.


  • 90 Card Deck
  • 5 Player Cards
  • 50 Serf Tokens
  • 20 Breath Tokens
  • Graveyard Mat
  • Rulebook

Who will enjoy Ritual?


We’ve tested Ritual with seasoned tabletop gamers and newbies alike. They all found it easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

Right from the first game you’ll start to see the defensive and aggressive strategies open to you. We’ve made the rules loose enough to allow for depth, discovery, variety and re-playability — and tight enough to make sure every game is a good one.

  • Playtesting in full costume at a Halloween party
  • Playtesting at Gen Con 50 - First Exposure Playtest Hall
  • Playtesting at Gen Con 50 - First Exposure Playtest Hall


Everyone I played this game with keeps asking me when I'll bring it over again! Eric Zeitler, Ridgefield, CT
Each person can develop their own strategies; there's a million different ways you can play. Alyssa Bresnahan, Cicero, NY

The desolate world of Ritual

Illustration of Madness card

A cloak of desolation shrouds the land and darkens the sky. The soil is barren, the villagers are starving and the king has long since fled.

In the deepest shadows, you and the other necromancers stir, sniffing the stench of fear in the air, sensing your time has come. You will rise. You will rule. You will dominate these desperate mortals. There is no greater weapon than a necromancer’s mastery over death.

You take a long hard look at your rival necromancers. Only one of you can reign. The rest must fall.

But this is Ritual. Beware your fallen foe. For as a necromancer, death is merely a tactic.